practical driving test for car in Doncaster

The DVSA practical driving test in Doncaster lasts for approximately 40 minutes. You will be tested on a range of different roads and situations. During the driving test you will also be asked to carry out one of the following:

  • Parallel park
  • Reversing into a parking bay.
  • Driving forward into a parking bay
  • Pulling up on the right hand side of a road then reversing for around 2 car lengths.

Throughout the test the DVSA driving examiner will give clear instruction on where to go, given in good time. Don’t worry if you take a wrong turn, as long as you drive safely and follow the correct routines for turning this will not affect the outcome of the driving test.

You may be required to perform an emergency stop exercise during the test. The examiner will give you notice if they plan to simulate an emergency stop situation.

You will also do an independent driving exercise lasting for around 10 minutes. This section allows you to demonstrate your ability to drive by either following road sign or marking, a series of directions, or both.

Prepare yourself properly for the driving test with the online highway code which gives comprehensive information on the rules of the road in the UK. Our instructors also carry out mock driving test which gives learners a realistic practice of the real test areas.